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Just wanted to let you know how very happy I am with Charms. My students' first grade was to sit down with their parents and fill out all their info on Charms. That left me very little data entering to do - YEA!!!!!

I just used the gradebook feature yesterday and got my grades done in time for Progress Reports without having to set up any extra files. I even got an online question answered that made grade entry easier and quicker (love that feature!).

Then I went home last night and entered all of the fifth graders' names and addresses so that when I came to school today, all I had to do was print out the labels for their postcards. And when we have our organizational meeting next week, I'll pass out information to those parents for them to enter all of their data. And they are going to be thrilled at the news that once they do that, they may never have to do it again. And no more staying at school until ungodly hours just to do data entry for me either!!!

Now, I'm working on entering about 3 pages of library a night while I'm watching TV. At that rate, it'll take me about another week to get it all in and I'll tweak it forever, but then the only thing I'll need to do is our inventory and I'll get my officers to help me with that one day after school.

As far as I'm concerned, Charms is the best thing since sliced bread. Thank you so much for pushing this through.

Alicia Eissler
Strack Intermediate School - Texas